Tracey Davis and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Part 5

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Tracey Davis went to the second-floor girls' lavatory for her regular practice. Tracey drew her Gibson Flying V2 from of its case. Tracey inserted her Gibson Flying V2 back in its case. What was the point?

If you looked through the bars of the wrought iron cage by Luna Lovegood's bed you wouldn't see anything inside. The cage's door was sealed with a heavy padlock. Luna didn't remember locking it.

Tracey liked that there was a staircase from the Slytherin dormitories to Ravenclaw. It meant she didn't have to answer the raven's riddles. Tracey could answer the raven's riddles. If she wanted to. (Not that she had ever tried.) It was just demeaning.

The Ravenclaw common room was brightly-lit by the tall windows all around the circular Common Room. A fourth-year girl wrote furtively in the closest thing this room had to a corner.

On the surface, Sue Chang was a studious well-behaved girl at Hogwarts. But that was just the secret identity of superheroine Cho Mulan. She wore a costume of red and gold. When the world was in danger, Cho Mulan apparated to the floating islands of Zhangjiajie where she protected endangered dragons. Cho Mulan was bold and fearless. You'd never know that from her Hogwarts identity. Which was the real Sue? The white or the yellow? The blue or the red? The hero or the love interest? Born to a Muggle and a…

"Eep!" said Cho Chang. She clutched the story to her chest, "You weren't supposed to read that."

"Why don't you just go back?" said Tracey.

"My family are refugees. They fled in 1935. Chang'an was destroyed the following year," said Cho.

"That's awful," didn't seem to cut it.

"Sometimes I imagine it's Fideliused. But everyone knows the Fidelius Charm was immediately used in 683 CE to hide the charm itself," said Cho.

"I don't mean to be racist, but have you tried talking to Lady Yue about this?" said Tracey.

"Once. She didn't say anything. Her expression. It was like someone who had seen mass ritual magic," said Cho.

"I like your story. But the title Caged Eagle is wrong. You should call it Chinese Fireball instead," said Tracey.

"Why do you keep coming here anyway?" said Cho.

"I'm starting a band. My stage name is going to be 'Death's Mistress'. Do you know anyone who can play music?"

"I play keyboard," said Cho.

And that was how Death's Mistress and Chinese Fireball became friends.

"Music in the wizarding world is awful. 'Move your body like a hairy troll. Learning to rock and roll. Spin around like a crazy elf. Dancing by himself.' All it has to say is 'We are not Muggles'. Who is it written for? Pureblood toddlers? You need better influences. I can show you on the condition you swear yourself to secrecy," said Cho.

"A swear on my honor as an agent of Chaos," said Tracey.

Cho opened a secret drawer in her jewelry box. She extracted a machine the size of a slice of bread connected by a wire to a pair of earplugs. Cho put one earbud in her ear and the other in Tracey's. They started with Love Story and ended with Highway to Hell.

"Why can't I tell anyone? CD players aren't on the list of forbidden items," said Tracey.

"Neither are phylacteries nor dragon eggs. If the authorities published a definition of Dark Magic then the Hogwarts school rules would be a table of contents to the deepest deadliest secrets in the universe," said Cho.

"Music isn't Dark Magic," said Tracey.

"Thoughtcrime is an even greater threat if you're the government. They hide it under the innocuous 'misuse of Muggle artifacts'," said Cho.

"Harry Potter misuses Muggle artifacts all the time," said Tracey.

"Harry Potter credibly threatened to burn down Azkaban if the Ministry didn't get out of his way. He is the Boy-Who-Lived, the Chosen One and the last scion of a Noble House. We are not in the same league. Besides which, restrictions against Muggle artifacts have been tightening. Two years ago it was no Muggle artifacts in battles. Last year it was no electronics. This year the restrictions are even stronger," said Cho.

"Since you play keyboard I guess that means no public concerts," said Tracey.

"Ya think?" said Cho.

"We'll have to host secret exclusive concerts instead. I'll invite SPHEW. We still have our coordination coins," said Tracey.

"Smite Club knows how to keep things on the down low. I'll ask Luna to invite them," said Cho.

"What's Smite Club?" said Tracey.

"Exactly," said Cho.

The audience was inhomogeneous. SPHEW (Tracey excepted) was composed of good little girls. Smite Club was not.

"You're just doing this to impress Cedric Diggory," whispered Tracey.

"So?" whispered Cho.

𝆕 We came to Hogwarts

𝆕 Dreaming we'd be heroes

𝆕 That we'd each be

𝆕 The Chosen One

𝆕 But look at yourself

𝆕 What do you see?

𝆕 Potter's servant?

𝆕 Lucius's son?

𝆕 They told us blood

𝆕 Was all that matters

𝆕 The Death Eaters

𝆕 were enthralled.

𝆕 To half a Muggle,

𝆕 Half a snake,

𝆕 And half Gellert

𝆕 Grindelwald

𝆕 Every day

𝆕 Our powers wane

𝆕 The Mudbloods'

𝆕 Powers wax

𝆕 I'd trade my blood

𝆕 For Granger's

𝆕 But she'd never

𝆕 Have me back

𝆕 We're forgotten

𝆕 Love interests

𝆕 Sacrifices

𝆕 Toeing the line

𝆕 We're conformists

𝆕 Radicals

𝆕 Heroines

𝆕 Benign

𝆕 We came to Hogwarts

𝆕 Dreaming we'd be heroes

𝆕 That we'd each be

𝆕 The Chosen One

𝆕 But look at yourself

𝆕 What do you see?

𝆕 Potter's servant?

𝆕 Lucius's son?

Hermione Granger's face flushed cherry red. "You did well by SPHEW," she mumbled.


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comment by JenniferRM · 2021-06-18T02:11:57.659Z · LW(p) · GW(p)

Well that settles the main question pretty decisively. 

This IS in the same nest of timeline(s) as Luna Lovegood and the Chamber of Secrets [? · GW] and it almost certainly isn't from the first loop (she's already forgetting things)... but since Cho can ask Luna to ask SMITE club to attend a concert, Luna's memories and linkages to that organization still exist "in time" for this timeline.... so this might not be from the last loop either?

Two years ago it was no Muggle artifacts in battles. Last year it was no electronics. This year the restrictions are even stronger

Maybe: Harry gets the first year, Luna gets the second, and now Tracey gets the third? If there are four more stories set in four future years, I would not complain!

Emotionally, I was hoping that this was part of Luna's final loop and also chronologically later than Luna's final battle so somehow Luna could start to make friends who actually survive to continue as her friends?

EDIT: Actually, the more I think about it, the more I feel like my theory of time here doesn't definitely survive contact with all the hints. I think the calendar date here is LATER than Luna's final surviving timeline's boss battle, but the history seems more like the history from before that final battle edited the timeline... maybe in this timeline... Maybe here... Luna's enemy is still out there, and still hunting her, but it will somehow attack later than it attacked in other versions of history? I think I'm still confused but my curiosity is certainly piqued <3

comment by TheSimplestExplanation · 2021-06-17T16:58:45.586Z · LW(p) · GW(p)

"Are you about to invite me to join a secret organization full of interesting people like yourself?"

comment by Measure · 2021-06-17T13:52:32.394Z · LW(p) · GW(p)

Is this after the concert in part 4? Does Tracey not remember it?

Replies from: lsusr
comment by lsusr · 2021-06-17T21:51:24.545Z · LW(p) · GW(p)

The story is still chronological.

comment by Measure · 2021-06-17T13:51:23.119Z · LW(p) · GW(p)

"plan music" did you mean "play"?

Replies from: lsusr
comment by lsusr · 2021-06-17T16:23:41.577Z · LW(p) · GW(p)

Fixed. Thanks.