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At 2pm on every second Sunday, a group of rationalists, rat-adjacent people, and not-rationalist-but-still-cool people meet up at my place and drink copious amounts of provided tea and bask in the light of 30 light bulbs while discussing interesting things. It's Canada, so uh, the light bulbs really help with the not being depressed because oh god winter is 8 months long and it's just dark all the time thing.

Previous topics have included status games, the 00s internet, luddism, and the concept of emotional labour. Readings are generally book chapters, or posts from the extended rationalist blogosphere.

I set the topics with the agreement of the group, send out readings a week in advance, and moderate the discussions, which means I try to make sure that everyone gets an equal chance to voice their thoughts if they want to.

It's generally expected that you do the readings, although they're just a jumping off point for discussion and we tend to meander a lot, so if you don't do the readings you'd probably only be lost for the first hour or so.

The group meets at 2, people leave whenever they need to. Some leave at like 4 or 5, some enthusiasts stay until like 8 or 9. It's whatever.

In terms of people we're looking for, we're more concerned about maintaining the rationalist ethos (discuss in good faith, be open to changing your mind, prod uncomfortable topics) than we are about your specific knowledge about the sequences or Scott's posts or the like.

I do try to limit the amount of passive observers because it makes some members less comfortable about voicing their thoughts, but if you are a shy or anxious person who is willing to make an effort to contribute, please come check us out!

We organize meetings in the facebook group, so if you think this is something you might be interested in, joining is how you will get readings and meeting invites.

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