Board Games and Prediction Markets

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Want to play some board games with a prediction market twist?

In the early nineties, Robin Hanson developed a board game to represent a prediction market. Called "Murder She Bet" it took place alongside a murder mystery, with participants using monopoly money to predict whodunnit. A full description of the original can be found at Hanson's site: Well, I don't watch many murder mysteries, but I do like board games, so on Monday night we're going to misuse this mockery of financial instruments!

We'll have Two Truths and a Prediction Market, where participants can work out which of three statements about their fellows is a lie. We'll have Werewolf, where the villagers will be aided by a market in determine who the likely werewolves are while the werewolves try to manipulate the market to cast suspicion on others. We'll also have regular board games that you can play without any of the prediction market shenanigans- feel free to bring your favourites!

I'll have two boards so we can have a couple markets going at once. I'll also have a pile of monopoly money to hand out as we set up each market.

Feel free to come if you like the blog but don't want to play board games, you can also hang out and talk. Feel free to come if you like board games and haven't heard of the blog, though we will probably be talking about it!

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