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https://flightfromperfection.com/watchmen-trilemma.html (a)

Note: contains Watchmen spoilers

The climax of Watchmen is a showdown between three archetypal ways in which one can engage with the world's problems – the Philosopher-King, the Antiphilosopher, and the Transcendent.

A tidbit:

In symbolic terms, the Transcendent occupies a middle position between Philosopher & Antiphilosopher.
From the transcendent point of view, the world can't be saved. Matter will continue to combine & break apart, creating new forms & destroying them. If humanity were wiped out by nuclear holocaust, things would still keep happening. Matter can't be destroyed.
This is a scary point of view. It's cold, detached, inhuman. Yet it's probably the most clear-seeing of the three.


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comment by romeostevensit · 2019-12-29T02:56:11.840Z · LW(p) · GW(p)

This seems to have been written by someone who sympathizes much more with Ozymandias than Rorschach. I think I might say: Rorschach is more complicated than that, but Veidt can't see it.

(A closer reading of Chapter VI is potentially instructive)

comment by rossry · 2019-12-29T02:38:34.987Z · LW(p) · GW(p)

In what sense are you using the word "trilemma"? I'm either not familiar with the usage or missing a big message of the post.

(The common definition of "trilemma" I'm most familiar with presents three desiderata, of which it's possible to achieve at most two.)