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(description copied from Facebook. There is also a Meetup)

LessWrong is a movement that seriously tries to better the world by a significant margin, not shying away from the most unconventional strategies. Most notably, we believe in the prime importance of securing AI Safety, and we subscribe to the values of transhumanism. Knowing that nature is not a fair enemy, we put in a great effort to grow as individuals and as a community, hoping to gather enough strength to live up to the task. We do this in various ways, applying epistemic standards at least as rigorous as that of science, thinking hard about late advances in philosophy and how to put it's lessons into practice, while keeping an open mind to the benefits of subjective wisdom like spirituality and our intuitions.


We try to meet up every other Sunday.

The goal for this is to be a recurring meetup that is both fun and useful for everyone involved. We would like this to be a social group with a particular focus on self-improvement and interesting ideas. We encourage sharing stories, feelings and ideas in an environment of friendly, open discussion for whoever wants to do so. For those familiar with the Center for Applied Rationality (CFAR) atmosphere: we would love to recreate that.


What do we mean by 'rationality'? We often mean two things:

1) Epistemic rationality: believing, and updating on evidence, so as to systematically improve the correspondence between your map (your models and beliefs about the world) and the territory (the way the world really, actually is). The art of obtaining beliefs that correspond to reality as closely as possible. This correspondence is commonly termed "truth" or "accuracy", and we're happy to call it that.

2) Instrumental rationality: achieving your values. Not necessarily "your values" in the sense of being selfish values or unshared values: "your values" means anything you care about. The art of choosing actions that steer the future toward outcomes ranked higher in your preferences. We may sometimes refer to this as "winning".


For more information on rationality: http://lesswrong.com/lw/31/what_do_we_mean_by_rationality/

For more information on CFAR: http://rationality.org/

For the most comprehensive collection of rationality articles on the internet: https://wiki.lesswrong.com/wiki/Sequences

For an edited ebook on rationality (pay-what-you-want basis): https://wiki.lesswrong.com/wiki/Rationality:_From_AI_to_Zombies

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