San Francisco Meetup: Short Talks

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  About these meetups:

We’ll be meeting to give and listen to very short talks!

We’ll do 7-minute lightning talks with 3 additional minutes allowed for questions. We’ll also limit the number of programming-related talks to no more than half of all talks, in order to promote variety.

A talk doesn’t have to be formal, planned, or even something that you’d expect someone to Give A Talk About; it can be as simple as telling the group about something you find interesting or cool. In the past, we’ve had people talk about topics like: how complicated the process of organizing fresh food for airplane flights is, their experience volunteering for a local political campaign, a video game they were designing and writing, and many others.

We don't expect any sort of preparation or practice for these kinds of talks. They're very casual and the expectations are low. If your talk isn't great, it's okay because we'll just move on to another one in a few minutes. If it helps, think of it this way: you're just being given the conversational floor for a few minutes, in a slightly more organized way than usual.

For help getting into the building, please call (or text, with a likely-somewhat-slower response rate): 301-458-0764.


We meet and start hanging out at 6:30, but don’t officially start doing the meetup topic until 6:45-7:00 to accommodate stragglers. Usually there is a food order that goes out before we start the meetup topic.

About these meetups:

The mission of the SF LessWrong meetup is to provide a fun, low-key social space with some structured interaction, where new and non-new community members can mingle and have interesting conversations. Everyone is welcome.

We explicitly encourage people to split off from the main conversation or diverge from the topic if that would be more fun for them (moving side conversations into a separate part of the space if appropriate). Meetup topics are here as a tool to facilitate fun interaction, and we certainly don’t want them to inhibit it.


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comment by Maximilian Tagher (maximilian-tagher) · 2019-09-24T21:29:40.376Z · ? · GW

Do you have the speakers already planned for the lightning talks or is it just anyone who comes can give one? If the latter, I recently gave a lightning talk at Mason Hartman’s chapel about ascending a rope, and was wondering if that would work at this venue

Replies from: Raemon
comment by Raemon · 2019-09-23T22:41:58.071Z · ? · GW

I don't know if they'll see this in time, but my guess based on some vague context is that it's "whoever shows up can do a talk" (my understanding is the SF meetup does meetups that require minimal preparation)

Replies from: rocurley
comment by rocurley · 2019-09-24T00:24:24.142Z · ? · GW

That's correct: anybody can give a talk, and unprepared talks are explicitly welcome.