Meetup : Melbourne Practical Rationality

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Discussion article for the meetup : Melbourne Practical Rationality

WHEN: 03 January 2014 06:30:00PM (+1100)

WHERE: Level 2, 491 King St West Melbourne 3003

Practical Rationality. This meetup repeats on the first Friday of each month and is distinct from our monthly Social Meetup. We aim to improve our thinking and decision making techniques.

The topic of this month is communication. We'll be exploring topics such as:

Storytelling - how to build an engaging narrative;

Wait vs Interrupt Culture - optimising conversations

Radical Honesty - going too far, or the ideal way to communicate?

Given and receiving feedback

Discussion can be found on our mailing list:

All are welcome from 6:30pm. If the door downstairs is locked, call the phone number on the door and we'll let you in. We aim to start structured activities at 7:30pm and continue until 9pm. Afterwards informal discussion will continue late into the night.

Please RSVP at our page if you are coming.

Discussion article for the meetup : Melbourne Practical Rationality


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