Mako's Notes from Skeptoid's 13 Hour 13th Birthday Stream

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Recently, the pretty great skeptic podcast, Skeptoid, celebrated its 13th anniversary with a 13 hour-long livestream, in which host and founder Brian Dunning wore a party hat and received video calls from 24 of his dearest friends and peers.

It was a bit of a wreck, and the simultanious viewers never topped 40, but it was also extremely cozy and intimate. It was great seeing Brian interacting with his friends and colleagues and reflecting on their shared projects. It also lined up perfectly with my Aotearoan timezone, so I uh, I actually watched the entire thing... o.o;

But I'm glad I did! I've watched much sillier streamed events! It was actually very informative.

Here are the notes I took.

Overall it was a lovely, awkward, interesting time, and Brian will probably never do it again. Here's to another 13 years!

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