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It's a joke. Because no one has to respond. Because no one should feel morally obligated to continue participating in this discussion. It's funny. Scarcity is also destructive, so let's call the humor coping

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"Telling the truth [is stateless]. The trouble with lying is that you have to remember everything you've said in the past to make sure you don't contradict yourself. If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything, and that's a really useful property in domains where things happen fast." - Paul Graham
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Hey, I've been thinking about this too. I like the cessation of the default mode network practice you mentioned.

I had some thoughts on comparing enlightenment vs elemental, which represents a large shift for me this year, n thought I'd try a first-pass at explaining it.

As a syncretist, I think there are a lot of good qualities in enlightenment. But what attracts me more are notions towards emerging elemental natures. Like summoning a thunderstorm in its least likely city.

This re-orientation from a focus on enlightenment towards a focus on the elements is essentially anti-anthropocentric (the thunderstorm exists entirely outside of you). This is a necessary fundamental shift when scaffolding the future without temporal constraints (i.e. approximating the longest of time scales, or embodying complex objective attractor states). Which is to say, no one is actually summoning a storm, but synchronicity with it emerges from following an encompassing sensed objective inevitability. The entire ecology summons, thus supposing greater animism in the world. This ranks very high on my values. And synchronicity with an unlikely chaotic element, on a quick feedback loop, makes for great explicit conviction for new emerging elemental forces.

Putting an objective vote to values would quickly elevate anti-anthropocentrism to the status of being a universal principle: the 'Principle of Mediocrity': "there is nothing significant about humans" (David Deutsch). By extension, there is nothing significant to enlightenment, amid the cosmic scheme of things.

Reframing in terms of affecting emerging elements would be like new nature's anti-parochialism. Maybe it feels like an extending and amplifying of self into its environment, but next to reality in its fullest, we stand all too ignorant.

tl;dr I currently have a goal to synchronize with an unlikely thunderstorm.

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Necessary dispersal demands patience; this is fundamental to the oscillations of self-organization, and has always been a goal.

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Sling 'round wratchets,

dried shit puts up walls.

A hovel meant for burrowing

towards wellspring falls.