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Meandering from that post, came across this graph of productivity versus employment. I'm fairly convinced technology is the leading factor in the divergence, even though others mention the financial sector and probably politically-motivated concerns about different presidents.

Not sure if we will experience another industrial revolution scenario of labor devaluation or whether this change will be qualitatively different.

I wonder who will benefit fiscally from booms in non-human productivity, and whether monetary gain will still mean the same thing it recently has.

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What's the insight?

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  • Robert Cialdini, author of "Influence"
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Wouldn't lower prices for top American universities, e.g., lower the number of children born? I am under the impression that poverty is conducive to birthing more children.

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I'm having difficulty mapping that line of reasoning for some reason.

How, in practice, might a Westerner couple not having a kid exert influence on a non-Western couple having a kid? By what mechanisms are non-Western births influenced by Western births?

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any abdication on your part will be picked up by developing countries

Having trouble parsing, could you explain what that means, perhaps by example?

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I think you just broke LW's new commenter CSS.

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A more controllable damage signaling system would be great. People are working on it.

Sounds interesting, who?

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Our brains can add in these tones when they feel certain ways without it being consciously available. Tough stuff to keep out of discourse, our language is geared toward opinionated conflict in any case.

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