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Can you look if there is any errors in the Javascript console? Right click document -> Inspect -> Console (it is a horizontal tab).

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As I understand it, HBD would also consider such racist questions as to whether or not cognitive traits that made civilizations form and advance in the first place are in part genetic or not. For example, Africa sort of went through the bronze and iron age as well, but the outcome was totally different. In mesopotamia writing was developed very early on and through large empires advancements were spread across vast regions. Although writing and other technologies reached Africa as well, they were adapted very poorly and even lost quickly over time. In African archaeology there are tens of thousands of small different groups and languages and they merge and form homogenous unions only by very rare exception.

If there are indeed genetic reasons for this historic difference, then this could also partially explain the unstable governments and wars that we see in Africa today, and that the current approach sold under the flags of freedom and independence does more harm than any benefits it could ever provide. 

You say that HBD and considering racial genetic differences is useless. But as you see this is not the case, it could be of monumental importance. It is never useless to advance scientific knowledge - if there is any to produce here. 

You could even go as far as to say that we are essentially jeopardizing the lives of millions of people on an entire continent, upon premises to only support our own moral and ideological cleanliness, while humbling ourselves in self-burdened and self-constructed guilt, rather than to simply support the pursuit of truth.

People fear that tackling genetic racial questions scientifically will lead back to racial discrimination. So they try to suppress those questions out of fear. But this is not healthy, and it is easy to see how it can backfire to harm a great number of people.

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What do you think of the new quote?

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Blind people actually are a very small minority if it comes to website accessibility. The most accessibility issues stem from other disabilities, such as cognitive impairment. On top of that, a large portion of legally blind people are not truly 100% blind. They can still use websites normally in some way (and prefer to do so), e.g. by gluing their eyes an inch against the screen with a 10x magnification glass.

I don't think there is any good way, or at this point in time necessity or demand for that matter, to express the picture non-visually. You could of course, but I think it would be overly cryptic and disproportionally difficult.

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What about the new quote?

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To be honest, I couldn't find any good post to set as a bad example.

The stupidest things I have ever read were from medical studies and on Researchgate. But I realized that this is only so because the bar was set high. The problem is that you can only really be stupid if you understand a particular thing or situation poorly, while still trying to rank yourself as an equal or above others.

If there is no particular challenge to meet, e.g. how to wash your hair, anything said really can be interpreted to have some kind of value to someone else. Even if it only concerns marginal details in the immediate personal sphere, that only fit into mindless consumerist culture, that could easily be solved by taking a more economic and sensible approach.

I will probably eventually replace this with broscience. But it is not easy to find something that is well understood by everyone.