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Re: Bayesianism and induction.

Given your concession that Bayesianism is a formalisation of induction, I don't understand your original criticism that me saying inductivism renders Bayesian sterile is like saying solipsism renders physics sterile.

Here's a definition from David Deutsch's "The Fabric of Reality:

Crypto-Inductivist: Someone who believes that the invalidity of inductive reasoning raises a serious philosophical problem, namely the problem of how to justify relying on scientific theories.

Crypto-inductivists have an "induction shaped" gap in their scheme of things.

Critical rationalism really did solve the problem of induction: It has no "induction shaped" gap.

I'm guessing from your Hume quote that you think it did so by resorting to radical skepticism, but if you think this you are mistaken.

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Tim, you wrote here that:

A perfectly rational agent who denies the validity of induction would be totally unimpressed by Bayesian arguments.

Have you changed your mind? Do you now deny that Bayescraft relies on induction?