Comment by fmgn on It's not like anything to be a bat · 2019-05-13T09:04:34.345Z · LW · GW

what do you mean by "how can you get blue from not-blue"?

Comment by fmgn on I Stand by the Sequences · 2017-08-10T23:01:19.637Z · LW · GW

"This of course makes me a deranged, non-thinking, Eliezer-worshiping fanatic for whom the singularity is a substitute religion."

Yes, it does. Seek professional help.

Comment by fmgn on Prisoner's Dilemma on game show Golden Balls · 2017-07-19T01:43:00.329Z · LW · GW

And then your opponent still steals, gets all the money, and nothing goes to medical research. woopty doo.

Comment by fmgn on Instrumental Rationality is a Chimera · 2017-04-19T09:17:50.740Z · LW · GW

Masculinity isn't off-putting.

Comment by fmgn on Illusion of Transparency: Why No One Understands You · 2017-04-16T20:44:32.810Z · LW · GW

Still waiting.

Comment by fmgn on How An Algorithm Feels From Inside · 2017-04-16T10:03:12.747Z · LW · GW

So is it a planet or not?

Comment by fmgn on A Fable of Science and Politics · 2017-04-16T08:03:43.217Z · LW · GW

"What causes others to welcome you" is almost always the right answer for anyone who lives in the real world and isn't a hermit.

Comment by fmgn on Dissolving the Question · 2017-04-16T07:15:37.989Z · LW · GW

Noise / sound exist independently of observation, at least so long as you subscribe to the idea that there exists an objective reality outside of your own mind. They are pressure waves transmitted through some medium.

The tree makes a sound, which no one hears.