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Comment by hackerkiba on Open Thread, November 23-30, 2013 · 2013-11-25T00:41:30.512Z · LW · GW

I didn't tried it, but I believe I wrote my own gamification system. It is a simple time tracking system with a history viewer, from which I clock in my activity for the day. I have my own goals that I tried to achieve everyday. It was very effective in keeping me working 30 hours each week for 7 weeks so far.

Comment by hackerkiba on Happiness and Productivity. Living Alone. Living with Friends. Living with Family. · 2013-11-19T01:46:54.560Z · LW · GW

My parents think that I don't work at all, and I prefer to keep it that way, at least, until I achieve some measure of financial success.

Comment by hackerkiba on LessWrong Study Hall will be password-protected · 2013-11-14T15:12:37.181Z · LW · GW

What is the Less Wrong Study Hall?

Comment by hackerkiba on A Workflow with Spaced Repetition · 2013-11-11T04:46:19.648Z · LW · GW

My workflow is that I spent 30 minutes a day going through the cards. I do them all until I complete them. Usually, that mean I finish them all within 30 minutes. If there's spare time, I learn some new cards until 30 minutes is up. Otherwise, I never learn anything new that day. Over half of the content entered is never reviewed before, so I have quite the reserve.

Usually that mean hundred of cards are studied everyday. Then I spend 5 minutes editing my cards, either for errors, or for fact checking.

Comment by hackerkiba on Another Anki deck for Less Wrong content · 2013-08-23T02:02:09.070Z · LW · GW

As much as I like reading the sequences, I am skeptical about their utility in increasing rationality, or rather, the rationality increases in the lesswrong community is not measured or quantified scientifically.

Comment by hackerkiba on How many of you doing Khan Academy? · 2012-11-10T18:24:24.706Z · LW · GW

Well, I meant doing the exercises. I don't spent much of my time on the videos because either I already know it or I figured out either with the hints or without. Then, it's smooth sailing the rest of the way.

Comment by hackerkiba on How many of you doing Khan Academy? · 2012-11-10T18:04:25.974Z · LW · GW

Well, since I am almost complete the whole thing, I have 1.3 million energy points, and 4 suns and 2 earth badges in additions to all the moons and the meteorites.

Comment by hackerkiba on How many of you doing Khan Academy? · 2012-11-10T17:26:43.777Z · LW · GW

That's a question that cannot be answered without looking at math major's area of focus or their specific career of choice, of which I am ignorant about.

That being said, I don't think a math major or a person who is in a strong math related field necessary focus on everything that requires high school mathematics. They may not touch statistics, or linear algebra as often as other area because they don't need it in their day to day job. They may need khanacademy to reviews those area that they didn't touch.

In a highly technical field like programming, most programmers may not need to deal anything more complicated than algebra, so they're going to forget the more advanced aspects.

Comment by hackerkiba on How many of you doing Khan Academy? · 2012-11-10T17:18:10.704Z · LW · GW

Did you do any of the exercise? How much if you do so.

Comment by hackerkiba on How many of you doing Khan Academy? · 2012-11-10T17:05:08.244Z · LW · GW

I don't think khanacademy is just for high school kids, or elementary or middle school. Everyone will forget, and almost everyone with a high school education or better will have gaps in their knowledge. Everyone seems to think that college is the end of their education, but that's false. As with everything you learn or master, you need to practice them, and khanacademy offers periodic reviews according to the principle of spaced repetition.

So, it's great for adults too, even if they're only in review mode for the vast majority of their life. When they start to learn something more advanced, they don't have to go back to elementary math or deal with the problem of knowledge gaps.

Only the youngest can derive much benefit from it? Absolutely not true.

Comment by hackerkiba on How many of you doing Khan Academy? · 2012-11-10T16:01:36.533Z · LW · GW

So, you just use the videos and not the exercise?

Comment by hackerkiba on How many of you doing Khan Academy? · 2012-11-10T16:01:24.445Z · LW · GW

How much did you complete?

Comment by hackerkiba on How many of you doing Khan Academy? · 2012-11-10T16:00:40.288Z · LW · GW

So you don't use Khan Academy in a systematic manner?

Comment by hackerkiba on RFC: A Self-quantification Essay (ongoing draft) · 2012-09-27T13:35:50.652Z · LW · GW

I just finished my 30 days experiment. It will take time for me to analyze the data and present a conclusion.

So the story and the essay will get more interesting and I only ran one experiment. I don't have lot of interesting things to tell.

Nonetheless, I will try to make it as interesting as possible within my limited capacity. Thanks for the feedback.

Comment by hackerkiba on RFC: A Self-quantification Essay (ongoing draft) · 2012-09-24T21:21:49.109Z · LW · GW

Thanks. I'll incorporate the feedback back into my essay later tonight.

Comment by hackerkiba on RFC: A Self-quantification Essay (ongoing draft) · 2012-09-22T16:27:27.667Z · LW · GW

Thanks. It's very helpful. If anything, it tells me that my writing needs a lot of improvement if you found multiple items to fix in the first paragraph.

Comment by hackerkiba on Personal information management · 2012-09-11T18:19:44.850Z · LW · GW

I don't use zim wiki, but I do have page just like that: notes and thoughts

Currently, it contains ideas like: fear incubation, legoization, serendipitous incentive as well essay like "A Healthcare Ancedote in America", "Self-Quantification", and "Why Choose Prosthesis". They have lot of grammar mistakes and other type of writing bugs as well. I need to get better at learning grammar.

A page like that helps me remember lot of ideas and solidify them into essays, hacks, and other products. So far, it only help me learn information and write essay, but that's because I don't have any solid hardware skill yet. Before, I thought I couldn't write essays, but that's because my ideas and citations are not gathered and remembered.

Comment by hackerkiba on LessWrong Wiki as Anki deck · 2012-09-06T19:16:19.426Z · LW · GW

What is the bottleneck with learning knowledge with Anki then?

Also, I don't think the deck is useless. It just needs improvement.

Comment by hackerkiba on LessWrong Wiki as Anki deck · 2012-09-05T22:50:03.167Z · LW · GW

What's the copyright license of the anki decks? More importantly, what's the license for the lesswrong wiki?

Comment by hackerkiba on Group rationality diary, 9/3/12 · 2012-09-05T15:42:54.761Z · LW · GW

I changed my habit of walking self-quantification by replacing my paper and pen method and inputting the data. Now I have a spreadsheet that contains how many steps I made in aggregate for the day as well the weight and the time I put the weight in. Then I put the spreadsheet under a git repository so that I won't lose it when the computer crash and the damage is irreversible. I plan to eventually work on manipulating the data to generate graphs and tables, but I have not yet execute this plan.

Comment by hackerkiba on What's your "rationalist arguing" origin story? · 2012-09-03T12:39:03.804Z · LW · GW

I have no idea when I first start becoming a rationalist. I think I was curious about things, so I would keep acquring new intellectual ideas that are interesting to me. Gradually I came around to the idea of rationality and that winning the debate is not the same thing as being right.

Comment by hackerkiba on Dragon Ball's Hyperbolic Time Chamber · 2012-09-03T01:03:51.551Z · LW · GW

If humans don't age, it would be a great way to get some research done.

Comment by hackerkiba on Dragon Ball's Hyperbolic Time Chamber · 2012-09-03T01:03:01.143Z · LW · GW

It would be great if you articulate your dislike of the essay a little more.

Comment by hackerkiba on What Are You Doing for Self-Quantification? · 2012-08-30T19:05:07.036Z · LW · GW

Buy a pedometer and get some paper/index card and pen.

Make sure you put the paper and pen in a convenient location near your bed.

Set a goal, and wear your pedometer everywhere you go. Try to reach your daily goal. Once you go to bed, record your steps for the day. When you wake up, you repeat the whole process.

Comment by hackerkiba on 11 minute TED talk is about instrumental rationality · 2012-08-30T03:09:50.347Z · LW · GW

So what are they going to do the neonuture device?

If they are not doing it, I hope they will open source it so that somebody will eventually figure out how to make it useful to developing countries.

Comment by hackerkiba on Rationality Power Tools · 2010-09-20T02:24:10.933Z · LW · GW

I would use makerbot instead since the development trajectory is enhanced with thousand of interested makerbot operators who can improve and build upgrade for the printer. UP! 3D printer on the other hand is not open source and a lot more expensive.

Comment by hackerkiba on Rational Health Optimization · 2010-09-18T22:26:07.143Z · LW · GW

Changing the diet will be a huge challenge since it is my parents that have the money and thus control of the food budget.

So another objective is to make enough money so I can spend on the right kind of food myself.

Comment by hackerkiba on Rational Health Optimization · 2010-09-18T22:21:18.318Z · LW · GW

My sleep optimization so far is to sleep when tired and wake up when not. So far that give me the waking time to be 8:00 pm to noon depending on how I sleep.

This was both a subjective boost and actual performance. I have not been too tired to often to get the blinking eyes and other effects of sleep deprivation. This of course, enabled me to drive safely.

Comment by hackerkiba on Rational Health Optimization · 2010-09-18T21:54:05.773Z · LW · GW

Why would this be? Higher social status seem to me to be correlated with greater wealth and the ability to buy expensive health food.

Comment by hackerkiba on Rational Health Optimization · 2010-09-18T21:26:02.332Z · LW · GW

Thanks for outlining a health program that will help out solving many health problems that are related to our modern lifestyle. I am afflicted with cohn's disease, fat related issue, diabetes, etc.

I have only begun with a rigorous running routine. I scouted out the location of the college gym and did research on weight training so I can burn more calories.

Now, I have diet information and others to work with. The biggest diet challenge will probably be about eliminating high corn fructose. They're prevalent everywhere.

It's going to be hard, but it's going to be worth it.