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I was actually just trying to say that Eliezer gave a bad example of a disguised query.

As for moral philosophy, it can be considered a science. So atheists that believe in morality should value it as any other science (for it's usefulness etc). Well, hm, atheists need not be fans of science. So they can be moral because they enjoy it, or simply because "why the heck not".

Comment by ignoramus on Disguised Queries · 2011-12-17T12:32:44.546Z · LW · GW

For example:

Eliezer: Religion sucks, because of this and Bayes...
Jesus: Ah, not so fast, chap. You see, atheism is also a religion, because of this and that...

I think that Jesus' response is a non sequitur (a well designed one (by using a technique similar to equivocation), which is why it makes for such good "blocking" technique). So there's no disguised query, since Jesus isn't querying at all, he's just trying to "win" the argument.