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Hmm. I think you're right. I just realized I don't have any actual models for how we might exit the semi-anarchy without friendly superintelligence (it seemed hard, so I assumed gradualism), and it seems dangerous to try.

Furthermore, in reference to the crux in your original comment, the semi-anarchy doesn't seem dangerous enough for a world government to improve our chances. What we're looking for is global coordination capacity, and we can improve that without building one.

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Exiting the "semi-anarchic default condition", if it happens, seems likely to be a slow and distributed process, since no one group can make global decisions until we exit that condition. The state of thought and discussion generally, and opinions of prominent people like Nick Bostrom particularly, around the issue will probably influence the general current of "small" decisions toward or away from an exit. Thus, getting closer to the right answer here may slightly increase our chances in the long run. Not a primary concern, but worth some discussion, I think.

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Interested, already hoping to move to the Bay Area around two years from now.

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What news sources would you recommend for increasing my awareness of global events?