Comment by Lisa MC on Are Humans Fundamentally Good? · 2020-07-07T08:29:13.689Z · LW · GW

Important perspective and addition by Viliam here. My approach is usually intersectional in that the intentions of people are informed by their intersectional social positioning and often informed by the position of the one they are affecting in an interaction.

Comment by Lisa MC on How to Find Sources in an Unreliable World · 2020-07-07T08:15:20.273Z · LW · GW

I am really intrigued by this considerate sharing. I write peer reviewed papers on performance in and of urban spaces. I find Google Scholar to almost never disappoint- but that might also be because I have not written anything too in depth since my University days. These are usually blog articles and opinion pieces that I am involved in writing now. However, one of my paying jobs is that of being a tutor and for that, I have many a times had to research far and wide for resources that could help a homeschooler learn concepts in a way that interests them. Especially now that the teaching and learning process is online and I have to entertain and educate (these are very much interrelated) them over Zoom, I have been looking for explainers of colourful nature like this calculus concept explainer that don't make the idea of learning something a heavy task. I am also looking at improv games etc. to gamify and warm up in the beginning, middle and end of the tuition sessions too. They have been working well. Sorry about diverting, but i was intrigued by how the research for a good resource can have so many intersectional variables at hand.

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Really really enjoyed this thread! thank you for cross posting and sharing!

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Very tempted to just say- yes! But the reasonable understanding of epistemology has always also put forth the condition of the limitation of mind to understand itself.

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Following this thread to understand more

Comment by Lisa MC on What is the appropriate way to communicate that we are experiencing a pandemic? · 2020-03-04T11:18:21.337Z · LW · GW

I am extremely proud of you for taking the action up ( I can only imagine how difficult it must be especially when most of your peers either indulge in making jokes about or trivializing what you have correctly recognized and named a pandemic. The scale at which it is spreading and the dire effect it is having on the trade, travel and public health realities globally. I want to add the psychological perspective of fear and trauma too that is accompanying, especially those who are from South-East Asia- those who are being bullied even though they are probably in the States since forever. It is a good time to check one's own biases and privileges too. Discovering Psychology does a good job of illustrating various kinds of needs that are not met which lead to cognitive processes that lead to bullying.

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I enjoyed reading all the suggestions that were offered here. I am especially curious to see how the particular textbooks that are held close by some members define the structural ways in which their thinking gets designed.

I am a huge fan of non fiction writing but before that my favourite beginners' calculus textbook, that i also recommended to my son in college, is James Stewart's Calculus: Early Transcendentals. His proficiency as a professor and the many revisions stand testimony to why i have remained a loyal student of his textbooks.

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I think this framing of work and leisure with an incisive look at the never-ending conversations around the forever updating policial details of our social landscape is very pertinent. I also want to thank you for the detailed explanation. I am going to further investigate or rather ponder about, then, what has neoliberalism and post-capitalism done to define or re-define 'work' and 'leisure'. I mean the mere terms and not even the quality of theses concepts.