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What the Article module does

The Article module is the first architectural add-on to the primitive, proof-of-concept AI Mind as described in the AI4U textbook of artificial intelligence. Prior to 2008, when the Article module was introduced, there were only enough modules in the AI Mind to demonstrate thinking, and the AI software did not function properly until the last major bugs were eliminated from Mind.Forth in January of 2008.

The proof-of-concept AI Mind could think only in terms of plural nouns without the articles "a" or "the". It is difficult for a human user to talk only about plural nouns with the AI. The user feels a natural desire to discuss a single instance of an otherwise plural topic. Therefore the first step in expanding a primitive AI Mind is to add a group of features that include the use of singular forms for nouns and verbs, and the use of intransitive verbs of being and becoming for the discussion of both singular and and plural topics.

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