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Comment by nicholaskross on Ways to be more agenty? · 2021-01-15T18:16:08.431Z · LW · GW

Yes! It turned out I had undiagnosed ADHD, and I'm getting treatment for it. It's not solving everything (otherwise I probably wouldn't have asked the question), but it's helping.

Comment by nicholaskross on Overconfidence · 2021-01-12T02:33:56.607Z · LW · GW

This ties in well with the Procrastination Equation. Useful overconfidence means setting your "expectancy" term really high, even outside your comfort zone or social convention/rules.

Comment by nicholaskross on Overconfidence · 2021-01-12T02:31:35.918Z · LW · GW

Posts like this are correct on the emotional confidence stuff. In turn, more of them could link to Conviction without self-deception. (Or maybe the good kind of "self-deception" is less "sky is green" , and more "using Newtonian physics instead of quantum physics to build an airplane".)

Comment by nicholaskross on Ways to be more agenty? · 2021-01-12T02:22:15.829Z · LW · GW

Nooooo, that doesn't work for me, because my situation is definitely unique and not solvable! You see, I have too much energy to [sleep, rest, or not be jittery], but also too little energy to [do activities I've conditioned myself to think are harder than they are, despite having done them easily before]. /s

Put zero effort into--

Finally, a tip I can at least get started on. Zing!

Comment by nicholaskross on Ways to be more agenty? · 2021-01-09T22:53:10.993Z · LW · GW

Yeah, the systemization thing is definitely a common theme with a lot of agenty behaviors.

Comment by nicholaskross on Ways to be more agenty? · 2021-01-05T17:15:44.092Z · LW · GW

The world-state idea is interesting, like the shift in perception is to make the options salient (and therefore more likely to be taken).

Comment by nicholaskross on Ways to be more agenty? · 2021-01-05T17:14:24.301Z · LW · GW

On the extreme end basically guaranteed to work

Hey, that's what I'm here for. Thanks for the tips! (Although I'd prolly end up using a raspi for mine).

Comment by nicholaskross on Ways to be more agenty? · 2021-01-05T17:13:22.706Z · LW · GW

I've wondered about the roleplaying thing myself. Your example reminds me of Ulillillia and his "mind game" system.

Comment by nicholaskross on Ways to be more agenty? · 2021-01-05T17:11:53.955Z · LW · GW

Haven't thought of these, thanks for the ideas!

Comment by nicholaskross on D&D.Sci Evaluation and Ruleset · 2020-12-14T01:39:12.897Z · LW · GW

This was cool! Definitely looking forward to the next challenge and using what I learned from this.

Comment by nicholaskross on D&D.Sci · 2020-12-09T20:25:31.115Z · LW · GW

STR +3, WIS +3, INT +0, CHA +2-4, evenly distribute among the rest. Pretty unsophisticated, and misses out from larger gains from adding many points to a stat in one go.

Comment by nicholaskross on D&D.Sci · 2020-12-06T03:03:35.027Z · LW · GW

Ah, okay thanks!

Comment by nicholaskross on D&D.Sci · 2020-12-06T02:27:00.703Z · LW · GW

Stupid question: STR and CHA are given in different orders in the data vs the above description. (And, because both values given are "low" enough to be the CHA stat, it's ambiguous if the values were switched). Does this secretly mean something, or am I just reading too much into it?

Comment by nicholaskross on Integrating the Lindy Effect · 2020-12-03T03:07:27.643Z · LW · GW

Say I'm deciding what to do with my time (not well-planned, although maybe it should be more deliberate). What's a quick heuristic for deciding what to do?

"Focus on timeless knowledge" is relatively simple to do, and it started to affect how I view a lot of things.

Why dive deep into trivia that teaches me nothing? Why play the video games I used to play a lot? Why consume junk media (which lsusr wrote another post about)? With a bit of argument, this post nudged me further and faster, in the direction of actually prioritizing what I do with my time.

Comment by nicholaskross on Success Buys Freedom · 2020-11-28T05:52:42.675Z · LW · GW

This sounds about right. I would bet capital points that some of this has to do with amount of dopamine in the brain. The points on freedom after transcending survival, experimentation, and self-motivation... those are bought with dopamine (which, based on your other writings, can sometimes be bought with pain, which is kinda convenient in a way!)

Comment by nicholaskross on Manifesto of the Silent Minority · 2020-11-27T03:27:16.647Z · LW · GW

Still more coherent than most manifestos. Great job team!

Comment by nicholaskross on “Prediction” and “explanation” are not causation · 2020-10-24T20:58:25.630Z · LW · GW

the general sense of “explanation” means a conceptual understanding of a phenomenon. In statistics, “explanation” implies no such understanding

I don't understand what you're saying here. Does statistics use "explanation" as a technical jargon term for something that's not gearsy?

Comment by nicholaskross on Hiring engineers and researchers to help align GPT-3 · 2020-10-04T02:05:37.211Z · LW · GW

What's the quickest way to get up to speed and learn the relevant skills, to the level expected of someone working at OpenAI?

Comment by nicholaskross on Engaging Seriously with Short Timelines · 2020-08-05T13:17:11.793Z · LW · GW

Any ideas for accruing money quickly outside of a job? I don't have much capital to invest currently.

Comment by nicholaskross on Can you gain weirdness points? · 2020-07-31T21:44:35.608Z · LW · GW

This is way clearer thinking than I previously had about this topic. Thank you!

Comment by nicholaskross on Life at Three Tails of the Bell Curve · 2020-07-01T23:50:24.431Z · LW · GW

I'm high enough on conscientiousness to not fail, but not high enough on conscientiousness to succeed (or catch up to my neuroticism).

Comment by nicholaskross on Life at Three Tails of the Bell Curve · 2020-07-01T23:49:19.465Z · LW · GW

Hey how do I be you? The most I got was one time when I drank an energy drink and then I obsessed over a spreadsheet for 2 hours and then crashed after a total of 4 hours.

Comment by nicholaskross on SSC Meetups Everywhere: Rochester, NY · 2019-09-17T12:39:52.812Z · LW · GW

Can't wait! I've convinced a friend or two of mine to come, hope to see the rest of you there!

Comment by nicholaskross on Specificity: Your Brain's Superpower · 2019-09-17T12:37:40.333Z · LW · GW

Another example of going up/down the ladder/lattice of abstraction, is also given by Paul Graham. In his essay "General and Surprising", he noted how valuable insights are generally-applicable, usually meaning abstract. However, he noted that it's often more attainable to say something more specific about already-known-to-be-important-things (as long as that more specific thing is new).

More specifically, being specific seems like it would catch more mistakes/laziness/haziness in reasoning. In contrast, being more general seems better for having new ideas, rather than getting them to specifically match reality well.

Comment by nicholaskross on Specificity: Your Brain's Superpower · 2019-09-17T01:53:15.511Z · LW · GW

As far as I know, being specific is like half (most? (technically all?)) of the core of rational thinking and living. Looking forward to more out of this, based on what's posted so far!

Comment by nicholaskross on A vote against spaced repetition · 2019-05-23T04:07:38.448Z · LW · GW
Spaced repetition is still good for knowledge you need to retrieve immediately, when a 2-second delay would make it useless.

Not sure about other people/situations, BUT I personally have found, in classroom settings relating to math and CS theory, that a 2-second delay can impede understanding. Especially when a definition relies on a combination of well-chunked previous concepts, which is especially the case when dealing with math.

Comment by nicholaskross on New edition of "Rationality: From AI to Zombies" · 2018-12-21T04:31:08.242Z · LW · GW

Indeed. Reminds me of how science communication these days has kind of expanded, partly because the tools of (good) design are more accessible. A quick look at the (good) science channels on YouTube shows kinda the opposite. Of course, this can lead to other problems (if science + bad-design = crackpot, people can perceive BS + good-design as = true). Rhyme-as-reason effect, style-as-substance, etc.

Comment by nicholaskross on New edition of "Rationality: From AI to Zombies" · 2018-12-19T03:58:50.216Z · LW · GW

Definitely think it's a good idea to go for the two optimized versions. Kinda like many (most?) of the classic novels from history: cheap mass edition + luxurious "pro" version. (Not that the content would actually differ between them, unless there's some good reason for that I'm not thinking of; "Hey, the leatherbound version has more original post text and tangents!").

Comment by nicholaskross on New edition of "Rationality: From AI to Zombies" · 2018-12-19T03:55:45.163Z · LW · GW

There is something weirdly powerful about these being in well-printed form, more approachable in form and content. This is something easier to recommend to friends without having to go "By the way this post references a thing that is no longer relevant / is poorly researched" like the Robber's Cave mentioned.

Comment by nicholaskross on Is Science Slowing Down? · 2018-12-12T21:36:39.994Z · LW · GW

I'd be interested in more resources regarding the "low-hanging fruit" theory as related to the structure of ideaspace and how/whether nk space applies to that. Any good resources-for-beginners on Kauffman's work?