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But if the gatekeeper knows that your code was supposed to produce something more responsive, they'll figure out that you don't work like they expect you to. That would be a great reason to never let you out of the box.

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Compared to now, he was wrong.

Why should we think he will be wrong about our future when he was wrong about his own?

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Wouldn't increasing noise levels in the decision-making processes of a Friendly AI decrease the Friendliness of that AI?

I think that ought to take this approach to reducing resource-consumption off the table.

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I'm 29, and I am a programmer living in Chicago. I just finished up my MS in Computer Science. I've been a reader of Less Wrong since it was Overcoming Bias, but never got around to posting any comments.

I've been rationality-minded since I was a little kid, criticizing the plots and character actions of stories I read. I was raised Catholic and sent to Sunday school, but it didn't take and eventually my parents relented. Once I went away to college and acquired a real internet connection, I spent a lot of time reading rationality-related blogs and websites. It's been a while, but I'd bet it was through one of those sites that I found Less Wrong.