Comment by Rowman_Sailor on Justified Expectation of Pleasant Surprises · 2009-01-15T13:16:59.000Z · LW · GW

I agree almost completely with Eliezer. It has been demonstrated time and time again that when the general public, the average person, is given a plethora of choices and options, they become overwhelmed and rendered useless. That is a practical reason why, I find, that those in public office are elected to such posts, so that they may act as a filter to the choices that the public will eventually recieve.

However, being that the subject is a game of colors and electrons, and not Einstein's physical reality of atoms and space, the argument for choice in the real world becomes moot. A person whole splurges on a +$50 game wants to do the best they can, if not at the beginning, then at some point during their virtual romp-about.

It has been observed that only games that have no plot whatsoever, are the ones that act "silly" and do not care about steady, regular progression. Those games that have a story focus the gamer into completing that story, and in the process get the whole story. That can be limiting if the individual does not know what is down each road in the fork, and if they could reach a higher level for a secret inside story if they had chosen a different skill path.