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Hi pjeby, thanks for your comments!

Just to be clear, I have no affiliation with Roam nor am I part of their development. I'm a user just like everyone else.

I use Workflowy for mobile capture and can copy to/from it just fine. I use Chrome on macOS for Roam (through Nativefier), so I don't know why that isn't consistent. I've added it to their bug-report (which currently lives on Slack, very alpha!)

The interface scales really well, so if you want larger text (as I did), I highly recommend simply zooming in the browser.

The reading may be a subjective thing, I quite like it. I'm sure interface customisations are going to be in the works.

Linking to/from bullet-points and having backlinks show up is a large part of the draw for me.

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Hi Jordan! Sorry about that, you can find it here:

I've added a link to the post as well.

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Thanks a lot for this! I used paper to elaborate on a math proof, and it was tremendously productive.

For more fact-based research, it was too slow for me. Instead, I'm completely enamoured with Roam.

Just added a post on it:

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1. I plan to take a sabattical next year. Wrote an impressive researcher in a field I'm interested about to hear about any research opportunities in the pipeline.

2. Formalised my morning-routine in a document to decrease time spent reading about other's meditation before I start my own. Reviewing notes from last session, finding a relevant passage in my book.

3. Set up a routine to stay in touch with a far-away friend. Asking kindly about thoughts on a subject, and about what I can help him with.

4. I'm often distracted in my long study sessions by a desire for food. Made a routine to ensure snacks are in my room, not in the dorm-kitchen, without them spoiling.

2. consisted of many sub-items, so I count it as 2 separate items ;-)

It seems this method is very useful for meaningful tasks with some negative affect that I've been putting off without any good reason. Thanks for this!