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Even more effective in my experience is giving them an authentic pleasant greeting. "Good evening officer". For some reason saying sir constantly makes me feel nervous and like I'm ceding too much power. I usually say it once or twice and never in my first couple answers.

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The specific words I've found most helpful have been "I decline to answer".

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Investigating the methods of Wim Hof may yield some useful data points in this search. His book is painfully long winded and self-indulgent, and I'm only half way through without finding any direct methods, but the separate synopsis of the method I've found through google has thus far proven to be both invigorating and grounding when I've tried it.

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If you're trying to extinguish an eating habit alter your sense of taste for the period in which it's a problem. The cheap and easy way is with mouthwash. If regular mouthwash doesn't last long enough chlorhexidine mouthwash (marketed as "clinical strength") will alter taste for around an hour or two. This may be useful for intermittent fasting and reduction in caffeine consumption.

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2. Use the card to lend money through

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What part of this is screwing Kiva? Temporarily lending money then getting it back is what Kiva is for.

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What I have taken from this is any time I travel abroad I should get in touch with my stamp investing friend and form a strategy for finding good local deals that have a likely long term value, possibly in other markets, and also I should try to make more friends expert in such collectibles investing for the same reason. I have not concluded I should expect to beat the market without a similar effort.

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You should not expect such cards to be reliable.

The reason this is possible is because of the way flash memory is manufactured now: the chips are produced with faults, then connected to a microprocessor that runs sophisticated proprietary algorithms to identify the faulty memory cells and reliably distribute stored files across the working memory cells, and also report to both the manufacturer and consumer the total capacity of those working cells. This way a single silicon wafer produced with imperfections can yield hundreds of sd cards ranging from megabytes to 128gb each.

The scammers you're talking about reprogram the microprocessors on these cards to identify themselves as having a larger capacity, but this isn't so simple as it being connected to a reliable 4GB flash memory chip and reporting itself as connected to a reliable 8GB flash memory chip, rather they're all uniformly connected to highly unreliable 32GB or greater memory chips and correcting the reliability problem in firmware, and there's no telling how the scammers messed with that besides the change in the reported capacity. I would expect any file saved on such a card to have pieces randomized or zeroed over time.

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I think the idea is you should be setting a pace that gets to an 8 of 10 in discomfort, which is the tradeoff when you choose to dedicate only 7 minutes to exercise.

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A quick google for "high flow dust mask" reveals several options in this exact niche, including designs especially for bikers and also ATV riders.

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This is only liquid assets right? A car wouldn't count against that?

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On windows you might like to try Daum's Potplayer. It's extremely lightweight software with tons of handy features and will play both youtube videos and playlists and scale speed all the way to 12x.

I use it for most youtube videos just to decrease my firefox memory usage and improve its responsiveness.

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I've switched from VLC to Daum's PotPlayer which has fantastic support for youtube videos and playlists and allows speeding up videos like this. It also uses significantly less memory and cpu than watching youtube in firefox.

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If you routinely lose things behind the same piece of furniture either move it closer to the wall or block that space, or move it further from the wall to make retrieval easier.

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This isn't even to the level of a hypothesis yet, but I think periodontal disease, which effects a great deal of people, may be significantly ameliorated by taking an NSAID like ibuprofen 20-40 minutes prior to brushing and flossing, due to the reduced gum inflammation decreasing periodontal pocket depth and allowing access to the pathogenic bacteria.

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When placing multiple identical items in a fridge, or most other storage, always make room and place them in a row from front to back, so that you always reach for the freshest or open one from the same place.