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Can you elaborate on that last sentence that seems like I'm going to like what you can say about it.

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It goes without saying that this whole conversation is speculation. Furthermore this post is a speculation about a speculation but at the very least it is entertaining to think about. As far as evolution goes I would say that evolution could be the very thing that they are simulating. Perhaps the dinosaurs were a dead end evolutionary, just as all other life before their respective extinction events. Perhaps we

super speculative I know. too many Perhaps'

I like your point about level of detail. I can't refute that at all and haven't thought of detail level that way. My only concern would be that if they are such higher beings that merely simulating our 3 spacial dimensions and one temporal direction benefits them, then life would be a sort of defect in dead chemistry. "A cool thing that dirt does". There might be code built in to catch life before it can start to mess with whatever there sim is trying to accomplish.

Furthermore it also depends if it is a sim, or a game. If it's a game then there is probably nothing to fear (except the losing condition i.e. extinction presumably.) If it's a simulation of something, then there might not even be a goal for US, only a goal for THEM.

Finally, I'm sure there are things that CAN stress the sim, and I could rattle off some interesting ideas I have on that but it really doesn't get us anywhere. I guess the point of the post was to address a few main questions that are worth asking and trying to reconcile with what we can know about our sim. Are they simulating us, or observing us? If it has nothing to do with us, then are noticeable? Can we affect the simulation from an outside perspective?

Implications of living within a Simulation

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