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I know this is 12 years old but this is one of the greatest things I have ever read.

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You're right, it looks like 120Hz has become the new standard.

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Are you a gamer? If not, why on earth do you pay such a premium for a 120Hz ultrawide? 

Also, in case you haven't make sure you do the following:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on System.
  3. Click on Display.
  4. Click the Advanced display settings link.
  5. Click the Display adapter properties for Display 1 link. ...
  6. Click the Monitor tab.
  7. Under "Monitor Settings," use the drop-down menu to select the refresh rate you wish.

SO many people buy high Hz monitors and never update their settings in Windows.

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There is a very funny video about Tay, the American iteration of this AI.

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Thanks for dunking on me! I can tell you have a far superior understanding of the world than I.

"I'm actually quite lucky here, in that I happened to have two kids who are very articulate. They're really very good at explaining why they want to do things."

I'm sure your children are brilliant but I am certain they are less articulate than you. I think when we use comparative words like articulate we are implicitly saying that someone is better with respect to their group. Your 4 year old is articulate with respect to other 4 year olds (and don't say it is because of luck as that undermines your whole ideology) but I think my statement stands unless you are genuinely arguing that your child speaks as well as you.

I concede: your daughter falling and hurting herself may be a positive in the long run.

I now realize I lack the knowledge of how the brain works, especially at such an early age, to make such an argument.

Upon rereading the hair example I see my judgement was flawed. I am really nitpicking now but I think being Socratic (in the sense of imploring her to defend her original statement) rather than just explaining the world as you see it would be a superior rhetorical strategy.

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