Comment by TheArcanist on Pretending to be Wise · 2013-01-29T10:35:24.382Z · LW · GW

I disagree completely.

There is a deeper wisdom in inaction that you don't seem to bring up, or else not value. Neutrality seems like taking side with the powerful, but so long as that's how limited your terminology is. Powerful and powerless are not at all different without the difference of powerlessness. One only happens to wield the power. One is greedy because yes, I do want that last piece of pizza, god damn it!.

We all yield for more life - if we didn't, we'd kill ourselves anyway. But to yield more life is also to terminate other life. So long as you want to live, you have to make a choice of how far are you willing to kill, and so long as the nature of this question is environmental, this cycle will continue to favors to who's willing to go further.