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A 7% probability versus 10% probability may be bad news, but it's more than made up for by the increased number of red beans. It's a worse probability, yes, but you're still more likely to win, you see.

I don't understand. Do you mean you are more likely to win with 7 red beans rather than one but also proportionately more likely to lose with 93 non red beans rather than 9? You wink and suggest there is some great wisdom there. I simply don't even know what the hell you are talking about.

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No, honestly, this only shows that most people are almost unbelievably stupid and uneducated in even the most basic logic. There is nothing else to say, except call for radical changes in our educational system, along the lines of what Steven Pinker suggested not long ago.

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Of course if the Bible is a work of extraordinary moral and artistic depth, you could not be expected to see it. So this proves nothing. Either it is not or you are not up to judging it. Two possibilities and we have made no progress towards any of them