Comment by zarove on Is Humanism A Religion-Substitute? · 2008-08-06T01:45:36.000Z · score: -5 (5 votes) · LW · GW

I noticed a pattern in your post that I want to address, as its one I see often.

You seem to use the term "Religion" as if it means "Beleif in God". Thus, you pseak of the Religious person and the Atheist, an dhow the Atheist has no religion, and how the religionist asusmes the Atheist has a Religion-shaped hole, that you call Theocentruc reaosning.

But Religion is not "Beleif in God". Religion is actually a world view, and, in point of fact, cannot be gotten rid of. Everyone has a Religion.

That said, Secular Humanism is not a Substitute for Religion so much as a Religion in and of itself. It fills all the basic funcitons of religion, by providing a framework form which the world is undertsoid and a moral pattern.

I also wonder why you have to refer ot relgiion a s'The Original Mistake". I relise your an Ahtiest but do you relalythink beleif in God ( what you seem to asusme is "Religion") is the original Mistake?

Not to soudn trite but, what if your wrong and God exists? And surly beleif in Gid isn't that devistating.

That said, I' off.