Comment by Zbigniew_Lukasiak on The Baby-Eating Aliens (1/8) · 2009-02-06T15:41:00.000Z · LW · GW

The anthropological theory of Rene Girard suggests that our culture (and religion or rather religion and culture) has roots in organizing human groups for a proper lynch of a chosen individual. This shocking revelation is not that far from the fiction you created here - I wonder if it was the inspiration (but then it would be in conflict with your usual anti-Christianity stance).

Comment by Zbigniew_Lukasiak on Competent Elites · 2008-09-27T08:35:00.000Z · LW · GW

I don't want to generalize - but I was once promoted to be a manager - and what I discovered is that it became so easy to give some 'out of the box' thinking advices to the other programmers reporting to me then. I explain that by the fact that I was both indeed outside of the box of their task and also having vital interest in their work - so I did pay much attention to it.