EA Kansas City planning meetup, discussion & open questions

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  Group values and a vision
  Actions we could take to maximize positive impact
  Group communication
  Desire for action and working locally
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Hi all!

We had a meeting planning the future of the Effective Altruism Kansas City group. We discussed:

Some discussion on each below.

Group values and a vision

Up to this point, we've only really done discussion groups and a few workshops - nothing in particular we did really involved action on behalf of the group (with the exception of we had at least one person sign up for the GWWC pledge). People have been asking where the group is going and when they can do something about the problems we've been talking about.

Actions we could take to maximize positive impact

A problem facing Effective Altruists is that the good we do can feel very distant - donating some portion of your salary isn't sexy or salient. So in terms of action itself, doing something like volunteering at a food pantry may not be as impactful as donating the equivalent in salary to an effective charity. However, such action could be argued to:

Additionally, applying EA tools in a local context (impact evaluations, searching for the biggest problems and most effective solutions) can be a good introduction for people who haven't asked these classic questions before.

Along these lines, these are some projects we're considering taking on as a group:

For the immediate future, we'll be prioritizing the local impact evaluations idea and getting a website up. This is because one of our members has been contacted by a corporate representative at his company who's interested in EA thinking, whose decisions could lead to a lot of new funding going to effective charities.

Group communication

This is never an easy thing to figure out, but for now we're thinking of a 3-part communication structure:

Desire for action and working locally

This is a bit of an open question. Do you think local work makes sense, given the lower direct impact but potential signal boosts and personal/community support?


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Hey there!

You might want to post this over on the Effective Altruism Forum, which is built with the same structure as LessWrong but is focused entirely on EA questions (both about ways to do good and about community-building work like that of EA KC). I'm a moderator on that forum, and I think folks over there will be happy to help with your questions about organizing a group.