[HPMoR Podcast] A Musical Help Request

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I am quickly approaching Self-Awareness Part 1, which readers may remember as the chapter with the Ghostbusters song. Anyone who's listened to the audio of Chapter 6a knows that I have no singing talent whatsoever. :) I'm panicked at having to try to sing an actual song that many people love. So I'm asking for help.

Those familiar with the chapter know that a number of students all sing altered lyrics together over the Ghostbusters Theme music. If a number of people could sing these lyrics into a microphone and send me the file I could mix them all together and overlay them on the original music. I think/hope that would sound rather cool, and I'd mention everyone who contributed by name (either real or online, your choice) in the credits (unless they'd rather not be named of course).

If you know other HPMoR fans IRL and can get a number of them in the same room to all sing at once into a microphone, even better! It could even be fun!

I'm terrified of doing this solo, please help! The sound files can be sent to HPMoRPodcast AT gmail.com and I'd need them by midnight on Monday, June 6th. Thanks!

The original song can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCHFVTQKqdQ

The alternate lyrics are below:


To the tune of "Ghostbusters"

(As performed on the kazoo by Fred and George Weasley,
and sung by Lee Jordan.)


There's a Dark Lord near?
Got no need to fear
Who you gonna call?

"HARRY POTTER!" shouted Lee Jordan, and the Weasley twins performed a triumphant chorus.

With a Killing Curse?
Well it could be worse.
Who you gonna call?

"HARRY POTTER!" There were a lot more voices shouting it this time.

I ain't afraid of Dark Lords!

I ain't afraid of Dark Lords!


Dark robes and a mask?
Impossible task?
Who you gonna call?

Giant Fire-Ape?
Old bat in a cape?
Who you gonna call?


I ain't afraid of Dark Lords!
I ain't afraid of Dark Lords!


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