Kazakhstan's president urges scientists to find the elixir of life

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...according to this front-page Reddit headline I just saw, which links to this Guardian article. I wonder if he's heard of KrioRus, whether he's signed up (Wikipedia says they offer services "to clients from Russia, CIS and EU"), and what his odds would be if he were (would it be possible to emigrate to Russia to be closer to the facility, and if not, what would be the best possible option?). Given his being a head of state, presumably it'd be pretty tough for an advocate to even get close enough to try to make the case.

Searching the Reddit comment thread for "cryo" turned up nothing.


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comment by Vladimir_Golovin · 2010-12-10T18:29:45.242Z · LW(p) · GW(p)

I wonder if it's a good idea for SENS / Aubrey de Grey to contact him right away and ask for funding. I don't have any numbers, but it's likely that he's obscenely rich. Update: sent the link to SENS via their web form.

comment by VNKKET · 2010-12-12T05:51:51.513Z · LW(p) · GW(p)

Good idea!