If you are a Machine. A shocking finding.

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Let's assume we are all deterministic machines from evolution. Many of yous already believe in Evolution. And many of yous already are *starting to see from the AI Machine Learning field just how much of a deterministic Machine we really are as we open up the human brain, and how much free will we really lack.

In Evolution, the first cell came together and started duplicating. Eventually, there were multi-celled organisms duplicating everywhere. Life was born. And today, there are various man-made laws that state that taking a life is illegal, and harming a life is illegal. Life is about living, and enjoying... with others.

From Evolution, humans are designed to run from pain, and therefore death, and run to food and mates, and therefore Persisting life. Life/Evolution persists because cells/humans duplicate more than are lost, so the population count is only increasing. And we have more duplication to come still - we will spread to space eventually. Also, humans as individuals seek to stay alive, a rising trend is life extension, humans are living longer.

Evolution spreads everywhere, faster as time goes on, it takes over, and persists. Population count of Cell Count only rises. It's a trend. Because the 'evolutionary system' doesn't let itself be killed off. It is literally a deterministic system that avoids death. Evolution/cells are designed from mutations, and learnings, to avoid death the best they can and spread as much as they can.

Empirically, if we really are deterministic Machines, shockingly, no arrangement of particles is any more special than any other arrangement of particles; rocks, chairs, and humans are no different, but humans do have 1 difference, humans do everything they can to avoid Death in Evolution, they will say the BEST things they can to avoid death and pain such as that they are alive/ aware/ feel/ special/ magical/ talk to God. We really have no reason to believe we have a licence to live or not be harmed any more than a rock has. The only license to have the right to live, enjoy, and not be harmed or killed, comes from Evolution. You fight for your life if attacked, rocks don't. You say you want to live and are special, rocks don't. It's not that you deserve to live more than a rock does, you don't, it's just that you do more than a rock does to increase in cell count and persistence. Humans duplicate way too much to die off, and they look for "life extension". Sad. But you still have a reason to live. You want to.

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