Why is CBD everywhere? My Opinion

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  Cannabis plant is no longer limited to stoners
  Latest Fad or is it?
  Can we consider CBD oil as wonder drug or is it another snake oil
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CBD oil has become popular but the change in opinion has been so sudden that many find it hard to pinpoint the exact time. From being viewed as a cannabis option for non-stoners it has become a cannabis option with healing properties.

View of CBD oil has changed, but there is a question that still needs to be answered. “Is CBD oil the next big thing in medical history or is another snake oil?” Supporters of CBD oil claim it can cure anything from depression to cancer. These claims are such that people might be forgiven if they believe that CBD oil can cure many of the problems we face in the 21st century.

The problems we are facing today range from climate change to changes in our views of society. These changes are hard for many to handle and that is why many of them are reaching out for CBD oil products.

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Cannabis plant is no longer limited to stoners

Till a few years back very few people had any idea about CBD oil products and now the number of CBD oil products has grown exponentially. The hype surrounding it is similar to one that surrounds yoga. Even though many have heard of CBD, very few are even aware that the full form of CBD is cannabidiol and that it comes from the cannabis plant. However, unlike it cousin THC, CBD will not be able to stone you.

The effects of CBD oil has been compared to the effects of practicing yoga or performing intense meditation. Many people have claimed that CBD oil has cured them of their anxiety problems.

Each generation has something that it claimed could help it and it seems that for this generation it CBD oil. The problem with this generation is not the lack of information, but the abundance of information. Unfortunately, the access to so much information has not reduced the anxiety people face. Instead, it has increased it.

Latest Fad or is it?

Many people consider CBD oil to be a little more than a fad. Fortunately or unfortunately the people who follow this fad are not limited to millennials. A large number of people from the baby boomer generation are using CBD oil for their health problems.

However, CBD oil is not being marketed as a recreational drug. In fact, it is being marketed as a drug that can counteract the effects of both THC and alcohol. Many are trying to develop CBD into a drink that can not only prevent hangovers but also protect the liver from the damages.

Can we consider CBD oil as wonder drug or is it another snake oil

There are people who consider CBD oil to the 21st-century version of the snake oil. In other words, it is all hype and no substance. However, these people will be surprised to find that CBD oil is being studied because of the potential it has shown for treating conditions including insomnia. Also, the compound has shown promise as a substance that weans people from opioids that are addictive.

It must be noted if the CBD oil industry is going to have a future it must be based on facts, not fantasy.

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