Advice on choosing an alcohol rehab center?

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There's someone in my family we're trying to get into rehab in Bangalore, India ASAP. I'm trying to figure out what rehab center would be best to send him to but I have no priors on how to choose one place over another. Any advice on how to choose a good rehab center? Also interested in good research on efficacy of different types of rehab if anyone knows any. 


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I just spent 2 months at Willow Tree Recovery in Utah. It seems to have arrested my extreme alcoholism after 10+ years of relapsing (I will be getting a four month sober chip on Dec. 10). WTR is a nationally recognized, therapy-intensive rehab center with a customer-centered focus. Even considering that, the recovery rates for alcoholism, AA, and rehab centers are low and I am not going to sugarcoat the statistics for you. You can reach out to me if you'd like more information. I man the SLC Cental Office AA telephone hotline on Monday mornings Utah, or you can message me here (I never use LW though).