What would Femtotechnology, attotechnology, yoctotechnology and planck level technology be theoretically capable of ?

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This is a question post.

In paul davies book "super force" there's the following except

" Quantum physics associates a scale of energy (equivalently mass) with a scale of length. Measure-for-measure the diameter of a nucleus (about 10 -12 cm) corresponds roughly to the mass of the pion. As smaller lengths are probed, so the energies involved start to climb. To explore the quark-filled interior of a proton it is necessary to go up to energies at least ten times greater than the proton mass. Much further up the scale of energy is the unification mass, at about 1014 proton masses. If one had command of such huge mass-energy (which we don't) it would be possible to probe the world of the X particles, at which the very distinction between quarks and leptons fades away. How much energy do we need to 'get inside' the seven-sphere and explore the other dimensions of space? According to the Kaluza-Klein theory it is necessary to go beyond even the unification scale, to an energy equivalent to 1019 proton masses. Only at this unimaginable energy would the extra dimensions manifest themselves directly. The huge value of 1019 proton masses is known as the 'Planck scale', because it was originally discovered by Max Planck. the inventor of the quantum theory. At the Planck energy. all four forces of nature would be completely merged into a single superforce, and all ten dimensions of space would exist on an equal footing. If we could concentrate enough energy to take us up to the Planck scale, the full dimensionality of space would be exposed in all its splendour. Letting imagination have free rein, it is possible to envisage mankind one day gaining control over the superforce. To achieve this would enable us to manipulate the greatest power in the universe, for the superforce is ultimately responsible for generating all forces and all physical structures. It is the fountain-head of all existence. With the superforce unleashed, we could change the structure of space and time, tie our own knots in nothingness, and build matter to order. Controlling the superforce would enable us to construct and transmute particles at will, thus generating exotic forms of matter. We might even be able to manipulate the dimensionality of space itself, creating bizarre artificial worlds with unimaginable properties. Truly we should be lords of the universe."

How powerful would the ability to change the structure of the space and time and also the dimensionality of space be ? I


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