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  Discussion article for the meetup : Bratislava meetup
  Discussion article for the meetup : Bratislava meetup

Discussion article for the meetup : Bratislava meetup

WHEN: 20 October 2012 05:30:00PM (+0200)

WHERE: Venturska 9

Hi everybody,

the next LessWrong meetup will be in "The tea room under-ground" (Cajovna v podzemi) at Venturska 9, Bratislava, in the city center. For questions, contact me at

Directions for people coming from Vienna: I recommend the connection by Blaguss bus from the busstop "Wien,Erdbergstrasse 202" departing at 16:10. The bus is directed towards Bratislava airport, but take off one stop earlier at 17:10. The name of the bus-stop is "Bratislava, Nový most", also called "Most SNP" , translated as New Bridge or Bridge of Slovak National Uprising. (Why the hell did I choose the bus-stop, which has two synonymous names ???) Walk from there according to the map where "Most SNP" is marked with an arrow.

Other options: The transportation ticket for 15 minutes (price 0,70 €) should be enough from either train station or main bus station of the city. From the Main bus station "Autobusova stanica Mlynske Nivy", you can use the bus 70 to "Most SNP". From the Main train station "Hlavna stanica", take the bus 93 to the stop "Zochova". From the train station "Petrzalka", take the bus 93 or 94 to the stop "Zochova", or bus 91 or 191 to "Most SNP". "Most SNP", "Zochova" and tea-house are marked with an arrow on the map.

See You there !


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Discussion article for the meetup : Bratislava meetup


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comment by supo47 · 2012-10-27T09:18:04.527Z · score: 0 (0 votes) · LW(p) · GW(p)

And just when I move out of Bratislava I discover this wonderful community and their meetups :-D

Were there many people attending?

comment by BarbaraB · 2012-10-30T09:19:54.465Z · score: 0 (0 votes) · LW(p) · GW(p)

Eight people, pretty good. Are You moving soon and far ?