Finally just created comprehensive resource collections/guides for autodidactism/several scientific subjects

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Individual academic subjects:

Data Science already covered by Alex Kamil:

Can anyone please give me some feedback? Thanks!


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Less Wrong autodidactism resources:

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Ah thanks! I'll link those up to my Quora guides

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Yes, that is the thing that is most sorely needed. I've been to numerous forums and there are non exclusively for autodidacts (that being said, there are many on College Confidential [AP self-studying is rampant there], but that only goes as far as high school)

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The Early Autodidact's Dilemma: will I have to learn this again?

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If you want to add more physics stuff, here is a bunch of electricity and magnetism links. The visualizations are especially nice.

I found this list of yours on amazon helpful: and I always like more lists of good books.