Less to Greater, Bookmarklet Edition

post by Three-Monkey Mind · 2018-10-11T04:21:39.672Z · score: 20 (7 votes) · LW · GW · 1 comments

This is a link post for https://www.threemonkeymind.com/l2g/

Lesser2Greater is a Chrome extension that redirects from lesswrong.com to greaterwrong.com. I’d like to use it, but I’m not a Chrome user. I do, however, use bookmarklets, so I made one to replicate Lesser2Greater’s functionality.


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comment by Regex · 2018-10-26T17:18:58.126Z · score: 8 (5 votes) · LW(p) · GW(p)

I independently generated an alternative solution using the redirector extension:



Example URL: http://lesswrong.com/some_path

Include pattern: *lesswrong*

Redirect to: $1greaterwrong$2

You should get out example result:


(I am using Firefox and I assume it is the same on other browsers)