LW Update 2018-1-09 – Question Updates, UserProfile Sorting

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First update of 2019!

Streamlined Mobile Above-the-Fold

On mobile, logged out users now see cleaner, slightly sleeker collections of Rationality: A-Z, Codex and HPMOR. Logged in users see only one recommended sequence instead of 3.

Improved Q&A Features

We have a few quality-of-life improvements to the new question system:

UserProfile and All Posts Sorting

On User Profile pages, as well on the beta-testing All Posts page, there's now a reasonable method of sorting posts.

You can now sort posts by:

You also can filter posts so you only see Curated, Frontpage, Questions, Meta and Event. (By default, User Profiles, All Posts and Daily will show all post types)

GreaterWrong now gets better spam protection

We had previously implemented a filter so that new user's posts didn't appear on the home page until approved by an admin. But this only applied to specific frontpage post views. Now, it applies to all views by default, so GreaterWrong should get less spam in their All Posts page.

Password Resetting

Resetting passwords should now work properly (previously it required an awkward workaround where you had to log out before you could reset it)