"What Mistakes Are You Making Right Now?"

post by David Udell · 2022-08-15T21:19:59.401Z · LW · GW · 2 comments

(That's^ all.)



(Crazy, though, that you successfully noticed your mistake [LW · GW] from just a prompt...)


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comment by szoltomi · 2022-08-15T23:40:49.751Z · LW(p) · GW(p)

Oh no. 
Now I'm reminded of all the seven grand unsolved problems in my life, and the myriad shameful issues that move nowhere. It all morphed into the greatest horror of all, total petrification through absolute hopelessness.
Now I have to slog through all the work of forgetting all but one of them to work on, ignoring how the other six progresses further than any advance I make on the one.
And I don't even have alcohol to help me because my sorry ass values learning above all.

Thanks dude!

(just kidding, I was already stuck way before I encountered this, time to go to sleep I guess. Just remember the law of equal but opposite advice :P)

comment by Dagon · 2022-08-15T23:19:45.221Z · LW(p) · GW(p)

Thanks for pointing this out.  Right now I'm surfing the web rather than doing something useful.  Time to put a block in place during the afternoon hours.