First Three Episodes of The Filan Cabinet

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I have a new podcast called “The Filan Cabinet”. It will be similar to AXRP, except instead of interviewing researchers about their work to study and reduce AI existential risk, I interview whoever I want to talk to about whatever I want to talk about. There are already three episodes you can listen to.

In epsiode 1, Carrick Flynn talks about his campaign to be the Democratic nominee for Oregon’s 6th congressional district. In particular, we talk about his policies on pandemic preparedness and semiconductor manufacturing. He answers questions such as:

In episode 2, Presbyterian Pastor Wayne Forkner talks about God, Christianity, and the Bible. He answers questions such as:

In episode 3, cryptocurrency developer Ameen Soleimani talks about his vision of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, as well as his current project RAI: an ether-backed floating-price stablecoin. He answers questions such as:

I hope you check it out - you can search “The Filan Cabinet” wherever you listen to podcasts!


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Oops - somehow I forgot to push this post to the AXRP website until now.