Meetup : Fall Equinox: Festival of Heroes

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Discussion article for the meetup : Fall Equinox: Festival of Heroes

WHEN: 21 September 2013 03:00:00PM (-0600)

WHERE: Sugar Lily Pavillion, Sugar House Park 1400 East 2100 South, Salt Lake City, Utah

This event is about becoming agenty. Any LW concepts and exercises will be heavily simplified as it is meant to include friends and family, as well as to be a celebration of values to reinforce rather than be a study in hard-core instrumental rationality.

3:00 pm Tournaments and Games

4:00 pm A Toast to Heroes, and The Three Prescripts: (initiative, priorities, effectiveness)

6:00 pm Dinner and Talk

7:00 pm Hero’s Challenge

10:00 pm After Party, if there is critical mass.

Please RSVP to if you can as I'm aiming to have a personalized element. Not a big deal if you don't, but it would up the coolness factor.

Discussion article for the meetup : Fall Equinox: Festival of Heroes


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Looks like the pavilion name may be inaccurate. According to this the pavilion is either Sugar Beet, or Sego Lily. Both on the south-side of the park, though one is east, and the other west. Both have nearby parking.

There's a map at the above site with the pavilions highlighted, to get a better idea, if you are unfamiliar with the area.

edit: After hearing from hamnox, the pavilion is Sego Lily, roughly south-west side of the park.