Comment by weirdesky on [deleted post] 2017-10-26T05:51:31.964Z

One thing really interesting I think you brought up here is the idea of trust being a Green concept. It was something I tried to place on the color wheel (in order to place myself) while speaking with my friends of mine and I just sort of implicitly assumed it was white (prosocial, interacting with others, etc), but reading what you said here, I think you're totally right. That close your eyes, surrender yourself, kind of trust is definitely not white, like I originally thought. (In comparison to trust in the rule of law, which does seem kind of white, insofar as all things relating to rule of law are white.)

I feel like it's probably RG. Blue is too cognitive for something that seems so instinctual and impulsive, but Red and Green are all about instinct and impulse.