Singapore - Small casual dinner meetup

post by Joe Rocca (joseph-rocca) · 2022-01-13T22:33:53.286Z · ? · GW · 27 comments

(Edit: Looks like we're full, but please add a comment if you'd like to attend something like this because we can either split into two groups if there are enough people, or perhaps organise another event soon after.)

Dinner is on me! I can do that since there are only 5 RSVP slots available due to COVID rules. Come along to Yi Xin Vegetarian, get a free dinner, meet some interesting people, chat about interesting stuff - what more could you want?

I moved from Australia to Singapore last year and I've been meaning to start organising meetups for a while. I'm hoping there are enough LessWrong(-adjacent) people here to have small casual gatherings like this maybe once a month. Anyone and everyone is welcome. You don't need to be a regular LessWrong reader, or anything like that  - I'm relatively new here!

In case you're interested in who I am:

Post a comment below and/or send me a DM on Twitter if you're keen to join us. Since there are only 5 slots, please only reserve a slot if you're quite sure you'll be able to make it. If you'd like to join, but a different day/time is better, please let me know - if this time is bad for most people then we can move the event. Thanks!


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comment by 23t23dS · 2022-01-15T00:38:13.674Z · ? · GW

Hi, thanks for organising this. I'm interested as well

comment by Joe Rocca (joseph-rocca) · 2022-01-14T20:00:56.607Z · ? · GW

Hey Zmavli, Joe, Sunny - looking forward to meeting you next week! There's only one slot remaining and it's been less than a day. If there ends up being a lot more than 5, we could split into a couple of groups, but we'll see. If you do need to pull out, please do so as early as possible to allow another person to swap in. I believe all who have RSVPed will get notifications if I post a comment here, so I'll post a message a few days from the date to make sure everything is in place and maybe start a whatsapp/telegram/signal group (depending on what most people have) and we can go from there 👍 

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comment by twkr · 2022-01-15T10:52:27.951Z · ? · GW

Thanks, Joe for organising this! See you all on the 22nd. 

comment by Zmavli Caimle · 2022-01-14T07:18:19.844Z · ? · GW

Hello, I'm interested in meeting. I've been reading LW (and adjacent stuff) for a while now, but I mostly lurk.

comment by papa · 2022-01-14T06:29:50.909Z · ? · GW

Another Joe here, quite new to LW and willing to meet people

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comment by Joe Rocca (joseph-rocca) · 2022-01-14T20:02:28.250Z · ? · GW

Great! I've just posted a root-level comment in this thread, but I think since you're not RSVPed yet, you won't have received a notification?

comment by twkr · 2022-01-14T00:30:16.292Z · ? · GW

Hey Joe, Sunny here. Thanks for initiating this and happy to meet up and learn more from you. 

I also do tech and enjoy reading about things here. 

comment by Joe Rocca (joseph-rocca) · 2022-01-22T09:49:03.481Z · ? · GW

I'm here early, and managed to snag a table. I'm wearing a light-brown shirt and black shorts. My hat is in the middle of the table (it's one of the two outside tables).

comment by derpyplops · 2022-01-21T13:26:08.539Z · ? · GW

Hey, I want to come as well. Perhaps I'll form a second group with @smallsilo and @khushjammu at the same time and place? 

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comment by Joe Rocca (joseph-rocca) · 2022-01-21T13:52:26.434Z · ? · GW

@khushjammu will get this message as a notification (since they have RSVPed), but I think you'll have to send a private message to @smallsilo (unless they manually subscribed to the comments on this post), because it doesn't seem like LessWrong has proper user tagging.

If you do manage to set up a second group, you may want to organise to arrive 30 minutes earlier or later if possible, since that would make it easier for us to find our respective group members, and minimise any accidental "mixing". If a big group of us all arrive at once, that could look a bit sus, even if we are being sure to remain separated.

comment by Joe Rocca (joseph-rocca) · 2022-01-20T08:42:32.788Z · ? · GW

Hey everyone! Since it's such a small gathering and there are some people on the "wait list", please comment as a reply to this message to double-confirm that you're coming.

Note that you'll of course need to be vaccinated to get in (vaccinated=2 weeks after second shot, per trace together app).

We're not able to book a table a head of time (walk-ins only at the moment), but I think we should be able to get a table even if we have to wait outside for 15 mins (I'll arrive a bit before 6pm). Worst case we can just order take-away and head across the road to the People's Park Complex hawker centre for seating. We may head there after Yi Xin (which closes at 8pm) anyway if we feel like we're getting kicked out in the middle of an interesting discussion.

Also, if you want, bring along a list of things that you'd like to discuss - e.g. big/important model updates that you've recently had, or things that you've been thinking a lot about.

See you on Saturday!

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comment by 23t23dS · 2022-01-20T23:06:40.439Z · ? · GW

Thanks for checking in. I'll be there

comment by Zmavli Caimle · 2022-01-20T22:38:34.599Z · ? · GW

I'm confirming that I'm coming. I might talk about the loglang I've been developing for about three months now.

comment by twkr · 2022-01-20T09:28:48.062Z · ? · GW

Hey Joe, thanks for checking in again. See you on Saturday. 

comment by 23t23dS · 2022-01-22T09:45:15.517Z · ? · GW

How do we join up after getting there?

comment by Zmavli Caimle · 2022-01-22T08:35:29.311Z · ? · GW

Update: I'll still be going, but I forgot to take care of an errand. I'll likely be late on the order of 30min. Please do not wait for me.

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comment by Joe Rocca (joseph-rocca) · 2022-01-22T08:36:42.304Z · ? · GW

No problem 👍

comment by papa · 2022-01-22T00:32:54.260Z · ? · GW

Many apologies, I can't make it after all, will need to babysit tonight. Joe thank you for the message, I didn't even notice the RVSP button. So one slot available for tonight!

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comment by smallsilo (monstrologies) · 2022-01-19T03:50:09.289Z · ? · GW

Hi! I'd be interested if there are others to form another group, or in any meetups in the future. There was also, an SSC/ACX meetup in Singapore a short while back, if anyone is interested in being added to that group

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comment by Joe Rocca (joseph-rocca) · 2022-01-20T09:36:33.935Z · ? · GW

Hey! Currently there are seven people so a group of 5, plus 2 waiting (khushjammu and yourself). I'll probably organise another catch up (probably same place and time) in the next few weeks, so if you want you can wait for that. If another person or two join then you could form a second group. In any case, I'll let you know if there's an opening for this week's event due to a couple of people having to drop out 👍

comment by khushjammu · 2022-01-15T06:57:46.001Z · ? · GW

Hi Joe, I'd love to come if there's space! I'm new to LW and am excited to meet new people. I'm interested in tech (specifically RL research) and am currently serving in the Singapore Armed Forces — lots of fun stories to share!

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comment by Joe Rocca (joseph-rocca) · 2022-01-15T08:50:54.086Z · ? · GW

We may actually be full for this one since I think @papa didn't realise there was an RSVP button (he only commented), but you're first on the "wait list" in case someone needs to drop out. Either way I'm going to organise a few of these so I'll let you know when the next one is 👍

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comment by khushjammu · 2022-01-16T07:11:19.716Z · ? · GW

Sounds good, look forward to it!

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comment by Joe Rocca (joseph-rocca) · 2022-01-22T04:13:57.397Z · ? · GW

Hey khushjammu, I think there is a second group being formed, but if that doesn't go ahead, then you're welcome to join the original group tonight, since @papa can't make it. But please don't abandon the second group if that's going ahead and you've already committed! If you don't reply by 2pm, and assuming the second group isn't being formed, then I'll open it up to the others to fill the slot. Hope that's okay!

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comment by khushjammu · 2022-01-22T04:19:41.671Z · ? · GW

Hey Joe, unfortunately I've been activated for some last-minute army duties and can't make it. Sorry for the late reply, look forward to joining next time!

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