Rationality Café No. 8 - The Sequences, Part 1; Section C a

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Hey gang - we're doing another meetup. We're trying it at the museum cafe at a slightly earlier time.

If you'd like to attend, we're asking you to read the first 5 chapters in part C of the first book of The Sequences before you attend, so that we can discuss our thoughts on them at the Cafe. It's almost exactly like a book club.

The chapters we want you to read are:
Focus Your Uncertainty
What Is Evidence?
Scientific Evidence, Legal Evidence, Rational Evidence
How Much Evidence Does It Take?
Einstein’s Arrogance

If you don't know what the Sequences are, think of them like a collection of blog posts which together form a pretty reliable backbone for improving your thinking and being more rational.

You can find the stuff you need to read here https://www.readthesequences.com/Noticing-Confusion-Sequence

You can also find it for free as an audiobook podcast wherever you get podcasts from (Try searching for "Rationality: From AI to Zombies")

We strongly recommend reading all of the chapters.

Most likely we will finish talking about The Sequences and end up talking about other topics; Less Wrong, Current Affairs, Slate Star Codex, Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, Worm, Free Will, Efficiency, Podcasts

And we also are hosting a Study Hall/Pomodoro every Saturday at 11:00 at Bristol Central Library

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