Executive function advice from people who are good at it?

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Status: just a quick question that probably can’t get a good answer

LessWrong has a lot of advice on how to beat akrasia, most of which is written by people who had good ideas for the sort of things that might work, tested them on themselves, and found out that they did work really well. But, of course, advice is disproportionately written by defective people: pretty much everyone who investigates how to improve executive functioning does so because they start out being terrible at it. And, to a large extent, it makes sense: if a successful person gives advice, why would they be particularly good at telling apart what mattered to their success and what didn’t, and to what extent they just got lucky

Still: I’m curious what would be the executive function advice given by the sort of people who manage to pull off ten-hour workdays, or from people doing their medical residency, etc.


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Here is an explicit account: The mechanics of my recent productivity [LW · GW] and Habitual Productivity [LW · GW] (Nate Soares)

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