What do you think of cognitive types and MBTI? What type are you? What do you think is the percentage of the 16 different personality types on LessWrong?

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This is a question post.


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My own feelings on MBTI are similar to this SSC post - it's unscientific but manages to kinda work as long as you don't expect too much of it. I wouldn't make any life decisions based on it!

For the third part of the question we don't have to guess - the 2012 lesswrong survey [LW · GW]included an MBTI question. Of the people who answered, 65% were INTP or INTJ, compared to 5-9% of Americans according to the MBTI website.

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Wow! I did not this! Thank you for your answer Bucky! Has lesswrong done more surveys? Will they be doing more in the future?

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The last one appears to be 2016 [LW · GW] (this was a slightly wider survey which included other rationalist communities) which was before the lesswrong 2.0 relaunch. I haven't heard of any plans for surveys - maybe a mod can fill us in.

Slatestarcodex does an annual survey of its readers. Scott pre-registers some investigations and then reports on results. This year, for example, he got a negative result on "Math preference vs Corn eating style" and more interesting results in the ongoing birth-order investigation.

answer by Said Achmiz · 2019-07-18T20:29:59.579Z · score: 14 (4 votes) · LW(p) · GW(p)

MBTI is basically nonsense.

(My MBTI type is, of course, Twilight Sparkle.)

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Thank you for the answer Said!

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What do you think is the percentage of the 16 different personality types on LessWrong?

This gets more interesting when you realize that types can change.