Munich SSC/ACX (+LW) (online) meetup August 2021

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We have started as in-person Munich SSC meetup during the «meetups everywhere» drive. Unfortunately, we were later forced to turn online-only. Fortunately, it means that coming is easier, and everyone is welcome! 

Turns  out that even when in-person meetups are possible, it makes sense to also have an online meetup going as a parallel thing.

We are a pretty unfocused group, so feel free to drop by if you want to discuss something that you hope might be interesting to people reading SSC/ACX or LW — or hear something like that discussed. Agreeing with LW conclusions or Scott Alexander positions on whatever is neither expected nor discouraged (either choice can lead to a detailed argument…).

End time is just an indication — the meetup lasts as long as we want to talk about something, and it is also perfectly normal to leave whenever you prefer (or have) to.

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