Japan Weighed Evacuating Tokyo in Nuclear Crisis [link]

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An independent report shows Japan was much closer to nuclear disaster than previously reported.

“Prime Minister Kan had his minuses and he had his lapses,” Mr. Funabashi said, “but his decision to storm into Tepco and demand that it not give up saved Japan.”


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The only relevance I can see to LW is that apparently (based on the sample of 1) when considering the technological disasters we can't even assume that the government and military would deal with it; the govt may opt to stand beside and just 'demand that it not give up'.

Makes you think what would happen if there's any nanotech disaster or the like in the future.

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Please create a discussion level meta-thread instead of discussing meta-aspects of this post here.

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It's been a long time since a good meta-thread and I didn't want Nesov derailing this thread by talking about how news is inherently bad.

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Ok, I'll do it. It is bad to post arbitrary news to LessWrong. Relevance to the specific concerns of LessWrong needs to be demonstrated, which it wasn't here.